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LineMatics delivers actionable insights for every putt.

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    Scan, Play, Perfect: Precision Made Simple

    Simply use your iPhone to scan the green and gain immediate access to accurate readings that guide your play.

    Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro +
    Easy to Scan

    Quickly scan the green with your iPhone for precise readings on shape, speed, and slope, helping you make smarter plays.

    No additional device required
    Fast but Accurate

    Trust in its 97% accuracy rate to make decisions fast and confidently, enhancing your independence on the course.

    Usually takes < 10 seconds
    Simple Guidance

    User-friendly interface offers clear visuals and detailed putt guides, making decision-making easier so you can concentrate on your game.

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      The number one #greenreading app

      Designed by Experts for Top Performance.

      Developed by golf experts and engineers, Linematics helps you make smarter decisions, understand the green better, and lower your scores with strategic insights.


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      What to expect?
      Easy setup.

      Helps golfing with precise 3D scans of the green, offering tailored strategies and real-time accuracy for improved decision-making and performance.

      See the Green Like Never Before.

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      Set Up Steps

      1. Download the App

      Begin by downloading Linematics from your app store. It's available on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring wide accessibility.

      2. Choose Your Subscription

      After installation, open the app and select a subscription plan that suits your needs. Linematics offers various options, catering to both casual and serious golfers.

      3. That’s it!

      Now you can use the app and improve your Green-reading!

      How to Use
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      How to Use

      1. Scan the Green

      Open Linematics and point your phone at your golf ball to set where you'll start. Then, gently move your phone toward the hole, scanning the path you're interested in on the green. This lets Linematics get the details of the terrain for precise tips.

      2. Place the Ball Mark

      After scanning, the app shows where to aim with a guide pin. Put a ball mark on the green at that spot. This helps you aim for the best shot path.

      3. Start Putting

      Aim at the ball mark. Linematics gives you tips on the green's shape, speed, and slope, helping you choose the best putt strength and angle. Use this info for smarter plays and better shots.


      Affordable pricing.
      Easy scaling.

      Our app works for businesses of all sizes and shapes.
      Starting at just $49 for a personal use.


      Single app access

      $49 Annual
      For amateur player willing to improve & enjoy the game.
      • Unlimited scans
      • Professional coaching
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      * Billed as $49 yearly (auto-renewal)


      5 app access

      $499 Annual
      For professional player or coaching & team.
      • Unlimited scans
      • Professional coaching
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      * Billed as $499 yearly (auto-renewal)

      What is Linematics?

      Linematics is a mobile app that leverages advanced 3D scanning technology to provide golfers with precise, real-time insights about the green's topology, helping to improve game strategy and decision-making.

      How does Linematics work?

      By using your smartphone's camera to conduct a 3D scan of the green, Linematics analyzes the terrain, offering detailed insights into shape, speed, slope, and the optimal trajectory for your next putt.

      Is Linematics easy to use?

      Yes, Linematics features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy to use for golfers of all skill levels. Simply aim your phone's camera at the green, and the app handles the analysis.

      Do I need any special equipment to use Linematics?

      No special equipment is required beyond a smartphone with the Linematics app installed. The app utilizes the phone's built-in camera and sensors for its analyses.

      Can Linematics really improve my golf game?

      Absolutely. Linematics provides accurate green readings and tailored strategic advice, enabling you to make informed decisions that can lead to improved shot accuracy and lower scores.

      Is Linematics suitable for professional golfers?

      Yes, Linematics is designed to assist golfers at every level, including professionals. Its detailed analysis and strategic insights are valuable for any golfer seeking to enhance their performance.

      How accurate is Linematics' technology?

      Linematics boasts a 99% accuracy rate in its readings and analysis, attributed to its sophisticated 3D scanning technology and advanced algorithms.

      Can I use Linematics on any golf course?

      Yes, Linematics is adaptable to any golf course. Its technology can adjust to different types of greens and various course conditions.

      What makes Linematics different from other golfing apps?

      Linematics sets itself apart by offering real-time 3D scanning and analysis, delivering a level of precision and personalized strategy advice unmatched by traditional golfing aids.

      How can I get started with Linematics?

      Download Linematics from the App Store or Google Play, sign up for an account, and you're all set to transform your golf game. The app includes a straightforward onboarding process to teach you how to scan the green and understand the provided insights.

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